Nicola Ley • Masterclass Whole Presence Weekend

This weekend is for anyone who feels they are not fully connected to their own energy.

We will work with our own energy using Qigong and other energy exercises to invite ourselves to be fully present in the Now.  We will learn to journey with each other as we bring our energies into the Now.
You will learn techniques which are part of Pauline Sasaki’s Quantum Shiatsu. No special training is required. A Shiatsu practice is useful but not essential.

There will be a ‘hands on’ component to this work so we will ask for participants to come after a negative lateral flow Covid test.

As Ram Dass said:

These days people often feel they dont have enough. Enough energy, enough life and so on. This is because we arent fully in the Here and Now”

Nicola is a founder of The Shiatsu College UK and author of Shiatsu in a Nutshell

More info Art of Shiatsu


€ 200 euro



8 & 9 Oktober 2022 van
10.00 tot 17.00 uur.

Shiatsu School Den Haag 
De Mient 277

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